About Us

Our purpose is to address dysfunctions and failures of the financial system

WATCH Arkadiko's Genesis and Purpose

Our deep experience and understanding of the needs of institutional investors, combined with specific and practical experience in responsible investment, make us particularly effective in promoting value-enhancing change for our clients.


What we do


  • Over 40 years of expertise in investment management and financial markets;
  • Innovative, creative and entrepreneurial professionals, fully dedicated to assisting their clients in catalysing a sustainable capitalism to the benefit of all stakeholders;
  • Strong leadership skills, ability to build confidence, trust and to organise largescale projects, seeing patterns and trends, combined with the capability to act upon these;
  • A large senior global network and significant credibility in the finance and business sectors.

The Team

Colin Melvin

Founder and Managing Director

Colin is a thought leader and agent for positive change, who has been at the forefront of global developments in corporate leadership, stewardship and sustainability and responsible asset management for over twenty years.

Colin is responsible for delivery of client services, supporting them in developing and implementing a long-term relational approach.

Jennifer Walmsley

Senior Consultant

Jennifer is passionate about improving relationships in the investment chain, whether between fund managers and companies or pension funds and their beneficiaries.

Jennifer is responsible for delivery of services to Arkadiko’s clients, working closely with organisations to help develop and implement a long-term relational approach.

Nina Cieslinska


Nina supports clients in administrative matters relating to the services provided, assisting in corporate engagement, client relationships and business development activities.

Nina is a highly skilled and results oriented individual, with over 10 years of international experience in executive assistant and marketing roles.

Why the name Arkadiko?

Arkadiko Partners is named after the Arkadiko bridge, a Mycenaean bridge near the modern road from Tiryns to Epidauros on the Peloponnese in Greece. Dating to the Greek Bronze Age, it is one of the oldest arch bridges still in existence and use.

We chose this name because of its ancient solidity, connecting past and present. It is a metaphor for our purpose and mission, to catalyse investors’ longer-term behaviour by providing a bridge between the current transactional and the emerging relational approaches to investment.