What We Do

We help our clients to develop and implement a sustainable approach to their business and investments

Our clients are all types of investor from asset managers to pension funds, family trusts and charitable foundations.

We assist them in developing an effective programme for responsible investment and stewardship, consistent with their purpose and mission. We enable them to strengthen their culture and client relationships. Each project is tailored to our client’s specific requirements and may include the elements below, which comprise our core offerings:

Purpose, culture and strategy

  • Discovery and articulation of purpose, values and beliefs
  • Co-creation of a firm-wide strategy relating to responsible investment
  • Determination of current and desired positioning in the investment industry
  • Building support and buy-in across stakeholders through communications and training
  • Ensuring the culture supports the new approach
  • Creating a common language for responsible investment


  • Developing a stewardship framework, including processes and systems for managing, recording and communicating stewardship activities and outcomes
  • Assisting with the evolution of investment processes to ensure effective integration of ESG and sustainability considerations

Policies and reporting

  • Identifying the practical implications of regulation (SRD II, SFDR, Taxonomy, UKSC, etc.)
  • Developing policies and reporting relating to responsible investment



  • We take the time to listen and ask questions to get a good understanding before taking decisions
  • We create a common basis for understanding by opening up and being authentic with others

We enable people to realise their interdependence

  • We highlight the importance of establishing and maintaining trusting relationships
  • We promote transparent communication
  • We initiate constructive dialogue and provide others with the tools to do so
  • We help to shift focus from short-term transactions to longer term relationships

We contribute to the realisation of opportunities

  • We motivate people to embrace diversity
  • We encourage people to share their perspectives, even if it feels challenging

We create conditions for positive change

  • We embolden people to think and act more positively
  • We use positive language in all communications


  • We encourage growth
  • We seek to learn from others
  • We dare to explore and find innovative solutions

Peer network

Arkadiko Partners was established in 2017 to help catalyse a genuinely sustainable financial system and we have received huge support for our business. In 2018, we have created a Peer Network to help build on this momentum and facilitate change.

Our Peer Network facilitates learning and the development of practical solutions among its members, as they share the challenges and opportunities of implementing sustainable investment in their organisations. We meet twice a year, with an agenda proposed by members and the design and size of the Network ensures a meaningful and practical dialogue.


  • We hired Arkadiko Partners to help us navigate the fast-changing ESG landscape, and he has been an invaluable resource in our ESG evolution. He has deep knowledge of the space and lots of practical experience working with buy-side firms. He has been critical to helping us incorporate in a structured, formal and importantly authentic way much of the work that we were already undertaking. The journey would have been much rougher without his guidance.
    – Anonymous, asset management client
  • We hired Arkadiko in 2018 to help us create a framework for our approach to stewardship and corporate engagement on social and environmental issues. Arkadiko’s knowledge and expertise helped us enhance our approach with a systematic and robust framework to accelerate our engagement work.
    – Deborah Ng, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan
  • Investors the world over are recognising that they need to understand their mission and purpose and how robust stewardship policy and processes can help deliver that and lead to building better relationships, business and societal outcomes. The team at Arkadiko are ideally equipped to guide investors through the process from beginning to end or from any point in-between.Arkadiko worked with Brunel to establish the current state play and barriers that need to be overcome to build stronger stewardship reporting from asset managers to asset owners.
    Faith Ward, Brunel Pension Partnership Ltd
  • We have greatly benefitted from working with Arkadiko – they brought very helpful expertise and advice to our management team to allow us to begin developing a global approach to ESG and further supported us in finding a quality permanent team to take the work forward. Their wide perspectives on and experience with the industry and related ESG issues, as well as their pragmatic approach, has made them fantastic partners to work with.
    – Anonymous, asset management client
  • We had an excellent experience working with Colin to draft our first Responsible Investment Policy Statement, a document that has since, profoundly influenced our strategy and the direction of our portfolios. Arkadiko’s blend of deep knowledge and experience was invaluable and his ability to rapidly become a partner and member of our team really helped get the best out of us.
    – Mark Preston, Skagen Services UK
  • We hired Arkadiko Partners in 2019 to rely on Colin’s prominent career and expertise. We appreciate his specific and holistic suggestions and advice enabling us to move in the right direction.
    – Hiroshi Komori, Government Pension Investment Fund
  • In preparing a new set of responsible investment beliefs for our family Arkadiko not only brought deep insight, but also helped to challenge our thinking.
    – Anonymous, family office client