We help our clients develop and implement a sustainable approach to their business and investments

We assist many types of organisations – across the entire investment spectrum – in building a more sustainable approach to their businesses and asset allocation.

Our deep experience and unique expertise in strategy consulting enable our clients to discover, articulate and implement their corporate and investment purpose, values and beliefs. We help create an authentic and consistent narrative supportive of sustainability.

Opportunities, Challenges and Practices of Sustainable Investment and Stewardship

A practical course

This course aims to enable its participants to understand and contribute to sustainable investment and stewardship.

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Peer network

Our Peer Network has been active since 2018 and facilitates learning and the development of practical solutions among its members, as they share the challenges and opportunities of implementing sustainable investment in their organisations.

We meet twice a year, with an agenda proposed by members and the design and size of the Network ensures a meaningful and practical dialogue.

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“We hired Arkadiko in 2018 to help us create a framework for our approach to stewardship and corporate engagement on social and environmental issues. Their knowledge and expertise helped us enhance our approach with a systematic and robust framework to accelerate our engagement work.”

Deborah Ng Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan

“We hired Arkadiko Partners in 2019 to rely on Colin’s prominent career and expertise. We appreciate his specific and holistic suggestions and advice enabling us to move in the right direction.”

Hiroshi Komori Government Pension Investment Fund

“Arkadiko brought helpful expertise and advice to our management team to allow us to begin developing a global approach to ESG and further supported us in finding a quality permanent team to take the work forward. Their wide perspectives and pragmatic approach has made them fantastic partners to work with.”

Anonymous Asset management client