What We Do

We work with forward-thinking organisations who recognise a need for positive change

WATCH Experience and value for clients

We assist investors in transforming their business models and developing their corporate purpose and culture by facilitating and establishing their stakeholder dialogue and reframing their relationships.

We enable our clients to realise the benefits of their interdependence with stakeholders and to focus on longer term relationships rather than short-term transactions.

We promote leadership within investing institutions and enable their greater professionalism and participation in the development of the markets and economies on which they and their clients depend.


Transforming client relationships – moving from transactional relationships to long-term mutually beneficial partnerships

Making investments better – building trust with companies, promoting purpose and positive cultures to create long-term shareholder value

Investing in people – recruiting and motivating people who will deliver sustainable financial performance

Changing external perceptions – engaging with stakeholders and influencing positive regulatory and policy change


We recently worked with a major fund management firm to undertake a significant review of its approach to responsible investment.

The initial phase involved one-on-one meetings with key individuals, attending regular internal meetings, and reviewing existing policies, marketing materials and external messaging.

Through this, we were able to map the firm’s culture, strategy and challenges to that strategy as well as its own governance processes. We also spent time identifying and understanding the needs of the firm’s current and prospective clients, as well as considering the public perception of the firm.

We initiated a working group comprising individuals from major areas across the business early on in the life of the project to help raise awareness of the project and build momentum.

Taking the firm’s existing work as a starting point, we created and gained agreement around a high-level framework and set of principles to help guide the overall approach. We then held workshops on the implications of the new approach with different areas of the business leading to a set of short, distinct and complementary policies with very practical implications.

We provided advice on resource requirements and systems and process changes, helped to update external messaging in line with the overall approach, and working with the HR team we advised on new processes around recruitment, induction, training and development.

Crucial to the success of the project was its sponsorship by the CEO and the commitment of the executive committee to implement significant change, which helped maintain momentum both during the period Arkadiko was working with the firm and beyond.