Sustainable investment practices


We will assist you in evolving your investment processes and practices to integrate material sustainability and ESG considerations into research, analysis and decision-making.


Appraising your investment models and related policies, procedure documents and investment analyses and advising on how these can be further developed.


Assessing the effectiveness of your existing governance structures in relation to investment analysis and decision-making, identifying gaps and suggesting areas for improvement.


Proposing means of improving or developing your internal systems for recording and sharing insights, information and data on ESG and sustainability, as well as strengthening your reporting to clients, regulators and other key stakeholders.


Supporting the integration of sustainability and ESG considerations into investment processes across asset classes, geographies and investment styles.


Observing internal meetings within investment teams and committees, identifying and addressing unconscious biases relating to sustainability, ESG factors and other longer-term themes.


Investment principles and beliefs

Facilitating workshops on the development of investment principles and beliefs, which all investment professionals can stand behind and are willing to own and implement.

Client and prospect survey

Surveying your key clients and prospects to determine their current and developing expectations regarding sustainability, stewardship and responsible investment.

Peer analysis

Researching a group of your peers based on an agreed methodology, providing insights into your current positioning relative to emerging industry best practices.

Governance and organisational structure

Assessing your governance in the context of sustainability and responsible investment, including board and executive oversight, policies and resourcing, recommending enhancements.

Stakeholder communication

Reviewing fund documents, client reports, RFP responses and marketing materials, identifying and addressing gaps, assisting with editing as required, and creating a common language.

Regulatory implications

Identifying practical implications and opportunities relating to regulation on sustainable investment and stewardship in key markets.

Interim resources

Providing interim management and stewardship resources.


Assisting with specifying roles, identifying candidates and recruitment.

Optimise networks and influence

Identifying which industry initiatives and networks to join, attaining greater influence and developing leadership.

Bespoke training

Targeted training of investment professionals in sustainable investment and stewardship.