Hiroki Sampei

Senior Consultant

Hiroki has partnered with Arkadiko to provide consulting services for Arkadiko’s clients intended to improve the quality of their stakeholder relationships and strengthen their business models.

He has long engaged in equity investment as an investment professional and a thought leader of stewardship and corporate governance reform in Japan. He serves as an expert member of councils and working groups of Japanese government regulatory bodies and Tokyo Stock Exchange to drive the capital market and corporate governance reforms.

He established Astonering Advisor LLC in April 2021 to provide advice for corporate management on long-term value creation from investors’ perspective, and to support institutional investors’ stewardship activities, primarily shareholder engagement and proxy voting decisions. He also currently serves as a founding member & steering committee member of the Forum of Investors Japan, a Visiting Researcher of Hitotsubashi University CFO Education and Research Center, an External Lecturer of Hitotsubashi Financial Leadership Program (HFLP), and a Content Oversight Committee member of the Association of Stewardship Professionals (StePs).

Between 2017 and 2021 he was Head of Engagement at Fidelity International where he lead investment team in Tokyo on how to have constructive dialogues with companies. Since 2007 he has been leading the equity research team as a Director of Research for Japan, a co-lead of Global Industrials Team and Head of Analyst Academy in Asia Pacific at Fidelity. Prior to Fidelity, from 2003-2007, he was equity analyst, Head of Investment Research and then Head of Equity at Nissay Asset Management – an asset management arm of Nippon Life Insurance Company. He joined Nippon Life Insurance Company in 1987 and he moved to New York in 1989 to build his investment professional skills as an equity analyst/fund manager at NLI Asset Management. He led international equity investment team in Nippon Life, and moved to London in 2000 to undertake CEO position at Nippon Life’s asset management subsidiary in London until 2003. Then he encountered senior leaders in Hermes investment Management / Hermes Focus Asset Management at the time. Later he developed a partnership with Hermes Focus Asset Management and launched Nissay/Hermes Stewardship Fund in 2005.

He has earned his bachelor of engineering degree from Waseda University.